SAMBA Belo Horizonte

Perfect Logistics in the heart of the Minas Gerais Capital! From R$ 149,00 + taxes.

The SAMBA Belo Horizonte Centro is close to the great tourist attractions of BH, on the main avenue, the perfect logistics for you!


The SAMBA Belo Horizonte Centro, in av. Afonso Pena, with ideal format for the public who come to the capital for talks and workshops in numerous companies located in the region. Modern and usual apartments with air conditioning, wi-fi and minibar. The hotel has the well-known tourist attractions of BH, such as  the Arts Palace, Francisco Nunes Theater, UFMG Conservatory and the unmissable Central Market, making it an ideal option for the various cultural events offered by the city.


• Beautiful view of the 7 Square and region;

• 1 event room for up to 100 people and another for up to 50 people in auditorium format;

• Wi-Fi free throughout the hotel;

• Air conditioning;

• Hair dryer;

• Mini bar;

• In-room safe

• Restaurant;

• TV;

• Bilingual Recepcionist.


Reservation phone number: 0800 20 SAMBA or 0800 20 72 62
Direct booking phone: +55 (31) 3888-6161
Booking E-mail:

ACCOMMODATIONS: All accommodations are cozy and modern theme, prepared to ensure the comfort and rest with ideal mounts for single, double or couple.


Size: 21 m²

Mounting: Single and Double

Check in/out time: 14h/12h.



Differential: beautiful view of the central avenue.

Size: 21 m²

Mounting: Single and Double

Check in/out time: 14h/12h.

SAMBA Belo Horizonte Centro: Av. Afonso Pena, 772 - Centro, BH-MG, 30130-009

What we most have in Belo Horizonte is tourism option!
Check here some tips:

September Seven Square: Ground zero of Belo Horizonte's Hypercenter, September Seven Square is at the intersection of the main avenues of the city - Afonso Pena and Amazonas. It is the heart of the city, the nerve center of the state capital. Ah! This place can be enjoyed from the windows of the Hotel Samba Belo Horizonte Centro!

Municipal Park: The park also has a tennis court, skating and jogging trails, gym equipment, bar, snack bar, toilets, administration and guaritas, lakes with paddle boats, woods, paths, trails and various places with benches and gardens.
Infrastructure of the park:

Fitness Equipment
Hiking trail
Sports court
Skateboard trail
Tennis court
Amusement park

Arts Palace: The Arts Palace brings together, in the same address, important cultural facilities such as the Arts Palace Grand Theater, João Ceschiatti Theater, Juvenal Dias room, Humberto Mauro, Grand Gallery Alberto da Veiga Guignard, Genesco Gallery Murta, Gallery Arlinda Corrêa Lima, Mari'Stella Tristão Gallery, João Etienne Filho Midiateca and the Center for Artistic and Technological Training - Cefart.

In this environment, teachers, artistic directors, filmmakers, theater, dance, music and visual arts artists, curators, producers, managers, researchers and students of art coexist daily, offering an ambiance unique to those interested in all the steps of artistic making.

BH Central Market: Spices, aromas, flavors, beliefs, colors: all the most outstanding characteristics of the Minas Gerais culture give charm and a lot of personality to Belo Horizonte's most beloved market. For more than eight decades, the Central Market has been a tourist attraction for outsiders and a meeting point for those who live in the city. The market has more than 400 stores, offers bilingual information services, attracts thousands of visitors every day from all the places of Brazil and the world, and in its corridors, holds great memories and many stories to tell.

Banco do Brasil Cultural Center: Inaugurated on August 27, 2013, the CCBB Belo Horizonte is the result of a partnership between Banco do Brasil and the State Government of Minas Gerais and is part of the Liberty Circuit, a complex of formed by public administration buildings that became spaces of culture, arts and leisure, in one of the most beautiful postcards of the capital of Minas Gerais. It is the sixth most visited cultural institution in Brazil and 95th in the world, according to the ranking of the English publication The Art Newspaper (April / 2014).

Fiat Culture House: The Fiat Culture House, which is responsible for large art exhibitions, is installed in a new headquarters in the Palácio dos Despachos, a building that integrates the architectural and historical complex of the Liberty Palace and the Liberty Circuit, the country's important cultural corridor. The institution, maintained by the companies of the Fiat Group, carried out complete revitalization and restoration of the building, implanting the most modern museological technology within international standards.

Mangabeiras Overlook: Considered an area of environmental preservation, it is located in the Mangabeiras neighborhood, behind the Governor's Palace, in an area of approximately 35,400 m². With two wooden decks installed, each measuring about 125 m², the Mangabeiras Overlook provides visitors with a beautiful panoramic view of the city and the Mangabeiras Park

Fashion Reference Center:Belo Horizonte won its first Fashion Reference Center. The CRModa occupies one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. Located on the corner of Rua da Bahia and Augusto de Lima Avenue, the building is listed by IEPHA-MG. The Fashion Reference Center has two exhibition halls, a music room, free internet access and a library, which has a special collection of fashion. The space caters to fashion university students, teachers, stylists, trade professionals, industry and the community in general.

São Francisco de Assis Church: One of the main attractions of the architectural and urbanistic complex of Pampulha, the São Francisco de Assis Church, framed by the waters of the lagoon, gathers the geniuses of the architect Oscar Niemeyer, the landscape artist Burle Marx and the painter Cândido Portinari. The combination generated the building in blue tones, with lines and curves totally covered by tiles and panels depicting the Via Sacra and the image of San Francisco. The church remained for 14 years banned from worship. In the eyes of Archbishop Dom Antonio dos Santos Cabral, the little church was just a shed, although inside it it housed Via Sacra, constituted by 14 panels of Cândido Portinari, considered one of his most significant works. The external panels are also from Cândido Portinari- figurative panel, and Paulo Werneck-abstract panel. The gardens are signed by Burle Marx.

Mineirão Stadium: The 50th stadium has a capacity of 62,000 people. The top grandstand contains about 39,000 fans and the lower grandstand has 23,000 seats. Stage of great moments of the history of Football,

Pampulha Art Museum: Designed to be a casino in the early 1940s, during the administration of the mayor Juscelino Kubitschek, the building that houses today the Pampulha Museum of Art (MAP) was Oscar Niemeyer's first project for the Pampulha Architectural Ensemble. The MAP continuously offers guided, technical and mediated visits, including workshops, activities and practical exercises, meetings and conversations with artists and guests.

Liberty Circuit: The Liberty Circuit was inaugurated in 2010 and is already recognized as an important cultural corridor in the country. It is housed in a historical area of Belo Horizonte (MG), and consists of 15 institutions, including museums, cultural and training centers, which map different aspects of the cultural and artistic universe.

Among many other attractions such as:

Arts and Crafts Museum 

Inimá de Paula Museum 

Minas Gerais Vale Memorial

Kubitschek‘s House - JK

BH Zoo

Mangueiras Municipal Park

Pampulha Ecological Park

Serra do Curral Park

And much more, you can bet!
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