SAMBA Foz do Iguassu

Next to the best attractions of Foz do Iguaçu, Argentina and Paraguay. Starting from R$ 89,00 + taxes the double room.

The SAMBA FOZ DO IGUASSU HOTEL is a great option for you traveling south of Brazil.

Samba Foz do Iguassu invites you to visit and enjoy incredible days at one of the 7 wonders of nature in the world, the Iguassu Falls. Come visit the northern Argentina or go shopping in the Paraguay side, visit the Birds Park and other attractions of the city.

Foz do Iguaçu waits for you and your family.

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• Events Room
• Wi-fi
• Swimming Pools
• Parking Lot
• Breakfest Included
• Room Service
• Wide Leisure Area
• Sporting Courts
• Cable TV
• Game Room
• Restaurant

Midclass Category

Room nights from R$ 89,00 (per person/twin bed rooms)

Containing wide leisure area, gaming options, sporting practices, swimming pools, many TV channels for your entertainment, the hotel is located next to the main attractions of the region.  



Snow Park: 8th largest snow park in the word. 08km

Argentina: 12 km

Airport: 16 km

Bird´s Park: 17 km

Iguassu Falls: 18 km

The Samba Iguassu Hotel provides transportation from and to the airport, events, convention centers, etc. Our Vans may be loaded until 16 people plus luggage.


Reservation phone number: 0800 20 SAMBA or 0800 20 72 622
Direct booking phone: +55 (31) 3888-6161
Reception phone number: +55 (45) 3576-5200
Booking E-mail:


Up to 25 m² can be arranged for up to 4 people, offers air conditioning, cable TV and fridge.

Check-in/out: 14h / 12h.


UP to 22 m² offers one queen size bed and two single beds, air conditioning, cable TV and fridge. Bring your kids and family to this enchanted place and enjoy our Samba quality services at your stay.

14h / 12h.

Bring your children and family and come enjoy Foz do Iguaçu in our spacious and comfortable apartments and relying on the service and quality Samba hotels.

SAMBA FOZ DO IGUASSU HOTEL is ideally located where you maybe have a meal in the Argentina side, shop in Paraguay and have dinner in one of the delicious restaurants of the city.

City of Foz do Iguaçu

Known internationally by the Iguaçu Falls, one of the winners of the contest that chose the 7 Wonders of Nature, and the Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant, the second largest in the world in size and first in generation of energy, which in 1996 was considered one of the 7 Wonders Of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers.


Iguaçu Falls

The breathtaking landscape of the Iguaçu Falls is filled with waterfalls that reach about 80 meters high. Visitors can see everything up close, through footpaths, walkways or boat trips. Five of the 19 main waterfalls are in Brazilian territory and most of the jumps on the Argentine side can be seen from the belvederes installed in Brazil. The falls occur thanks to the narrowing of the Iguaçu River, which goes from 2,780 meters to just 65 meters wide.

Iguaçu National Park

The natural reserve of the Iguaçu National Park, an area that houses the famous Iguassu Falls, is considered a World Natural Heritage Site by Unesco. The park is responsible for the preservation of endangered species of animals, such as the jaguar and the yellow-faced alligator. Along its length, it encompasses pristine forests and one of the country's most important natural landscapes, such as the Iguaçu River and the Iguaçu National Park in Argentina.

Bird Park

Look closely at the diversity of fauna and flora of the region in the Bird Park. The place has not only a great number of birds., which circulate freely among visitors, but it also home to snakes and other reptiles. All this in a space of 16.5 hectares. There are more than 800 animals among owls, harpies and macaws. There’s also for Brazilian species, such as the toucan. The park is next to the Iguaçu National Park.

Valley of the Dinosaurs

One of the newest attractions in Foz do Iguaçu, the Valley of the Dinosaurs offers a true trip in time with replicas of these giants. Among the environments that simulate the vegetation of the time, there are replicas of approximately 20 species of dinosaurs. Highlight for Tyrannosaurus Rex, 23 meters high. The animals are mechanized with technology that simulates movements and sounds.


Look closely at wax statues of personalities from Brazil and the world, such as Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Beyonce, Ayrton Senna and Pope Francis.

There are more than 80 perfect replicas scattered throughout the museum. Divided into 16 scenarios, the visit lasts one hour.

Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant

The Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant, one of the largest in the world in terms of both size and power generation, is open to the public for panoramic visits, indoor tours and even night shows with sound and lights. The binational plant, managed by Brazil and Paraguay, is also much sought after for other attractions, such as boat tours on Lake Itaipu and the Ecomuseum, with exhibitions on the history of the plant and the region.


Duty Free Shop Iguazú - ARGENTINA

Items such as drinks, electronics and cosmetics are among the most sought after by those who go through the Duty Free Shop Puerto Iguazú, considered by many the best free shop in the world in a border city. Take advantage of the thematic decoration inspired by world travel, such as the area of tobacconists and drinks, with reference to New York, and the perfume shop, which refers to Paris. The mall offers tax-free products.

Ciudad del Este - PARAGUAY

Famous commercial point in the region of the triple border between Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, Ciudad del Este, in Paraguay, is a mandatory destination in the script. Take advantage of shopping for the most varied products - mainly electronics and clothing items - at lower prices compared to Brazil. The region is known as South America's largest open-air shopping center.

There is no entry fee in Ciudad del Este (Paraguay), but there are taxes on purchases upon return to Brazil, at Brazilian customs. The quota for those who are returning to Brazil via land is US $ 300.00 per person (more information about the quotas). Traditionally, stores mostly run from Monday to Saturday, from 6:00 AM to 4:00 PM. However, several shops and malls already open different hours.