SAMBA Angra dos Reis

The incomparable turquoise blue sea awaits you at the SAMBA Angra dos Reis. From R$ 279.00 + taxes the double room.

SAMBA Airport Lagoa Santa

SAMBA AIRPORT Lagoa Santa, near the BH airport (CNF). From R$ 150.00 + taxes.

SAMBA Itaboraí

Everything you need: modern, clean, practical and light as a Samba! From R$ 119 + taxes.

SAMBA Itabirito

Leisure guaranteed for your family or conventions amidst the beautiful mountains of Itabirito. From R$ 279.00 + taxes, with full board per double chalet.

SAMBA Foz do Iguassu

Next to the best attractions of Foz do Iguaçu, Argentina and Paraguay. Starting from R$ 89,00 + taxes the double room.

SAMBA Belo Horizonte

Perfect Logistics in the heart of the Minas Gerais Capital! From R$ 149,00 + taxes.


Nothing like a brand new hotel in a region full of natural beauty. From R$ 125,00 + taxes the double room and R$ 89,00 + taxes single room.