Friday and Saturday, December 15 and 16, was held at the new Samba Airport Lagoa Santa Hotel, the "3rd Samba Hotels Convention - Antifragile".

Counting with operational managers and financial coordinators of all the 8 hotels, the convention was guided by the theme 'Antifragile' where resilience, absorption and transmutation of obstacles into opportunities permeated the whole event.

The book of Nassim Nicholas Taleb - Antifragile, gave substance to the ideas that developed through all the lectures and propositions of goals and objectives, because as he said in the book 'the absence of challenges, degrades the best of the best'.

Antifragile attitudes and actions adopted in the year 2017 have been highlighted and especially what will guide the teams in the upcoming challenging year. Predicting the opening of another 3 hotels until the first quarter of 2018, challenges and obstacles will not be lacking, as well as the creativity and pro-activity of the group to beat all of them. In this opportunity, 56 collaborators, 5 speakers and many supporters, to transform the two days of immersion in learning and encouragement with the pure Samba DNA for 2018.

That 2018 arrives with all energy because the Samba is coming to rock!