Samba Hotels was featured in the hotel segment at the press conference of the Sirha (Salon international de la restauration, de l'hôtellerie et de l'alimentation) now in São Paulo.

It will be set up at the fair, a model hotel "Samba In The Box" with 60 containers occupying 828 m² of area, divided into 2 floors with 2 large auditoriums, reception, kitchen, restaurant, gym, far from presentations, suites, master suite, hostel and bathrooms. All the environments structured and decorated demonstrating the real structure of the enterprise.

At the Sirha fair, which will take place from March 14 to 16, the public will be able to get to know the whole venture through guided tours of the various environments of the Samba in the Box hotel. It will be a complete visit followed by a brief explanation of the enterprise, costs, construction time and administration format.

Guilherme Castro, CEO of Samba Hotels, points out other points that make Samba in the Box an innovative and interesting investment, such as the leaner and more adaptable cost and production time and, most importantly, its flexibility according to the demand being possible change the amount of rooms and to the place of the enterprise, according to the real need assessed after construction.

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 3D projection Samba In The Box Hotel